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Introduction for Bloodcoin

Joining Bloodcoin and mining

How to be recommended

Installing Bloodcoin app

영어 대문 .jpg







You can mine Bloodcoin on mobile as well.


Open Google app store and search for “Bloodcoin” or “Chakhan”. (Click the icon of wallet on the top) 


It is simpler than mining on PC, so I will give you instructions in brief. (Available only for Android phone, not for iPhone) 




















You can get approximately 15,000 Bloodcoins per month if you just turn on your cell phone that costs little electricity


Currently, Bloodcoin is officially listed on Bitonbase Exchange and Ventasbit Exchange in Veitnam and


Cap 2019-04-13 18-21-05-762.jpgCap 2019-04-13 18-21-17-654.jpgCap 2019-04-13 18-21-27-296.jpg



You must input Recommendation code to join Bloodcoin.


You must delete the recommendation code that enters automatically then copy and paste the recommendation code




If you input the recommendation code, you can get 15,000 Bloodcoin for a month, starting at weight 1. 








하단추천배너(영어).jpg 블러드랜드하단배너.jpg 블러드월렛하단배너(영어).jpg 공씩까페하단배너(영어).jpg 한단배너코인다방(영어).jpg





You can find better information and people if you visit to Coin Café ( which is a good crypto-currency community.