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Introduction for Bloodcoin

Joining Bloodcoin and mining

How to be recommended

Installing Bloodcoin app

영어 대문 .jpg




Let’s take a look at how to join Bloodcoin and how to mine it.





You can sign up Bloodcoin through 5 kinds of social networks. Let’s sign up with the most commonly used Google account.






손아귀 .jpg



Enter your Google ID and password.






손아귀 .jpg




Authentications by email and cell phone have been integrated




Email address authentication will be progressed as the below


(Please make sure to check your spam mail box)






손아귀 .jpg





Your wallet has been created easily




블러드코인채굴큰배너(영어) 나눔스퀘어엑스트라볼드60(흰색확장4).jpg




Please check the type of your computer system first


Please click the 'right button of your mouse on your computer type'


자신의 PC 확인 .png



손아귀 .jpg



Please download Bloodcoin Miner according to your operating system



 블러드 마이너 64.jpg     블러드 마이너 32.jpg




손아귀 .jpg



The icon as the below is created in your desktop if it is installed successfully

총액 2019-02-19 01-55-47-472.png


손아귀 .jpg



You can see the below screen after running the Miner







손아귀 .jpg



Wait! You must create a password for the part The password for my account ID (important)






손아귀 .jpg



Finally! It’s the beginning of mining









Well! Finally, it is the most important part - how to get be recommended


There is 2:3 ratio of mining and recommendation in Bloodcoin





You can check the button ‘Recommend’ by going through “Your account” You can copy and upload it to your friends and SNS, etc





The account ID in “My account” is your recommending code





Nothing happens if nothing is done


Until all of the people hit the jackpot with Bloodcoin, fighting everyone!




Currently, Bloodcoin is officially listed on Bitonbase Exchange and Ventasbit Exchange in Veitnam and


Cap 2019-04-13 18-21-05-762.jpgCap 2019-04-13 18-21-17-654.jpgCap 2019-04-13 18-21-27-296.jpg



You must input Recommendation code to join Bloodcoin.


You must delete the recommendation code that enters automatically then copy and paste the recommendation code




If you input the recommendation code, you can get 15,000 Bloodcoin for a month, starting at weight 1. 








하단추천배너(영어).jpg 블러드랜드하단배너.jpg 블러드월렛하단배너(영어).jpg 공씩까페하단배너(영어).jpg 한단배너코인다방(영어).jpg





You can find better information and people if you visit to Coin Café ( which is a good crypto-currency community.