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Introduction for Bloodcoin

Joining Bloodcoin and mining

How to be recommended

Installing Bloodcoin app

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Bloodcoin which is the hottest in 2019! We have brought huge issues as soon as we launched it because of the advantage


of being able to easily mine it any place with a computer or a mobile phone As of April 2019,  we have been bringing


hot issues every day with the launch of BloodLand as well as the simultaneous listing at Korea and other country




Currently, there are more than 300,000 wallet subscribers, more than 20,000 net miners, and armed with robust contents


and strong security systems that have  not been available before. And I appalled by the developer’s will crying like


“I want to break the IT toadyism that there is no global coin from Korea!”



Bloodcoin, which started its overseas expansion with the opening of the Vietnamese market a while ago, is just beginning to


take a step forward. I think it is the best time to take advantage of opportunities before all overseas mining servers are opened.


It is both a heartbreaking and a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for the  world to mine Bloodcoin together, with giant China and US.




It is a common question from people who still look at the coin with a sarcastic eye, even though the coin world is already come. 


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(Opened in Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia on15th May, worldwide open on 24th Dec)



Bloodcoin is the key currency of Bloodland opened on 13rd March. Bloodland is a digitized virtual space called Bloodland and


Bloodcoin is a virtual money that is used to play games, build house, plant trees, advertise or sell goods in the huge space.


   (Image source -



This is the navigation of a company that was built based on the augmented reality technology which was already released long ago.


It is a combination of real and virtual spaces, created by human desire to pursue a more comfortable and safe life.


블러드랜드를 만나볼까요(영어).jpg



Bloodland started with the development of a gigantic advertising system that had already been planned 10 years ago.


The ultimate goal of Bloodland is to make everything as it is in augmented reality movies and dramas. AR, VR and augmented reality,


which are constantly in our lives, are already easily found around us.


The ultimate goal of Bloodland is the very large platform that is at the center of the enormous augmented reality world.



First, it is an easy mining that anyone can do with a computer or mobile phone.


(Many coins can be mined through recommendation without high-end comupters.)


복사 - 크기 변환 _Cap 2019-02-27 05-27-56-647.jpg


Second, forecast of price increase due to continuous content development as well as Bloodland’s stable opening on 13rd March.

2019년 로드맵(영어)워터마크.jpg

Third, proven coins listed on both domestic and overseas exchanges on 15th and 21st March and 12stApril 


(Main exchanges are scheduled to be added between June and July)

Cap 2019-04-13 18-21-05-762.jpgCap 2019-04-13 18-21-17-654.jpgCap 2019-04-13 18-21-27-296.jpg


Fourth, No one has brought coins at a low price because ICO has not been progressed



Fifth, A good coin that doesn’t do anything to form market value at head office



Sixth, Bloodcoin maintenance function by Santa AI (Coin incineration and distribution restriction in case of value decrease)


Cap 2019-04-14 23-42-20-878.jpg


In summary, Bloodcoin’s tremendous potential, future value and distinctive features make safe investment and easy to profit.


In Bloodland, developers can cooperate with others to open games or services such like app store, which is a high investment value. 


Join in the early investment, early mining with the launch of Bloodland!





Bloodcoin has two ways of compensation. It is recommended that you mine considering your situation but concentrate on the higher weights.



We recommend you to choose a recommended type if you do not have a lot of high-end computers.


As we will explain in the section for understanding of weighting, Bloodcoin is in the form of weight (3): mining (2)! Please keep in mind. 





Currently, Bloodcoin is officially listed on Bitonbase Exchange and Ventasbit Exchange in Veitnam and


Cap 2019-04-13 18-21-05-762.jpgCap 2019-04-13 18-21-17-654.jpgCap 2019-04-13 18-21-27-296.jpg



You must input Recommendation code to join Bloodcoin.


You must delete the recommendation code that enters automatically then copy and paste the recommendation code




If you input the recommendation code, you can get 15,000 Bloodcoin for a month, starting at weight 1. 








하단추천배너(영어).jpg 블러드랜드하단배너.jpg 블러드월렛하단배너(영어).jpg 공씩까페하단배너(영어).jpg 한단배너코인다방(영어).jpg





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